The Jamie : A Real Estate Pre-Made Brand

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This pre-made brand weaves together the essence of natural and organic elements with sleek, modern lines. It's a brand suite that radiates warmth and friendliness, perfectly suited for any brand seeking a touch that's both subtle and sophisticated.

Picture this: a timeless, inventive pre-made brand crafted especially for those embarking on their agent journey. It's ideal for those who are on a tight budget, those in need of swift solutions, or anyone seeking assistance in creating a brand they'll adore. We'll tailor this brand so it feels unmistakably yours.

IMPORTANT: We only sell 5 total and only 1 per state.

Sold out in California.
Sold out in Colorado.

Primary & Secondary logo: We will edit & customize the logo with your name and the layout 

The Brand Elements: If the brand includes custom lettering, a monogram, styled tagline, etc we'll swap them out for your business.

Color Palette: With your homework, you'll provide us with a color palette. 

Font Stack: Recommendations of fonts and links to purchase if necessary.

The Brand Board: Includes all elements, the color palette hex codes and recommended fonts.

All brand elements in JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF in your brand colors.


Find the kit that best suits your brand style and will reach your target audience. After purchase I'll send a brief questionnaire to prep for your project.


We will customize the brand for you and send over the final files. This step includes one revision but additional revisions may be added on as needed. 


Launch your brand to the world and integrate your new logos and/or color palette into your website and other branding materials for consistency.

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