Consistency Builds Trust.

Your company brand and marketing is not just about logos and colors. You need your brand to speak a message that communicates to people what you are about, and what they can trust that you can offer them.


The Benefits of Consistent Branding

It is important to define your brand. Your brand is how the world identifies you. Remember that your brand is continually reinforced through all of your marketing materials; your logo, business cards, signage, website, email marketing, social media marketing, and print collateral. Your messaging should be clear and consistent throughout all marketing channels, as well as amongst anyone that represents your company. This consistency will be perceived by people as your “brand identity” and it is what will differentiate you from your competitors. Your brand identity gives your business a personality that others can relate to. By recognizing your business from consistent branding and messaging, people will begin to feel like they can be confident in understanding what they can expect from your business, products and services; which will bring trust in your business and customer loyalty.


Can I change out the templates?

You can change out what templates you get in your package, however page numbers and quantity cannot be changed. This is what will be discussed during the discovery call.

Can I add pages?

To keep this program on time and running smoothly, adding aditional pages are not allowed.

What if we don't get done?

If we do not complete the project because our team couldn't get the design or edits done, then we will continue past the single day until it is completed. However, if the project is not done because the client did not communicate edits or changes in the proper time, we will offer additional editing time for a fee or send the templates at the stage where communication stopped.

What can I customize?

Great question! You will have the opportunity to send over any custom information you would like in your templates. Also, if you don't have additional content, that is ok too! We will use the content that our professional copywriters have created. You will have a list of "homework" you will compile and send us. It can be as little as or much as you want - as long as it fits into our page count. :)

Where do I print the templates?

If I only have a few I need printed,I like to print at office max - they can really do a good job! If I need a larger quantity I use  Always remember if you’re publishing to a booklet a saddle stitch is a very nice finishing quality, and also you will always want to have a page count that is divisible by four (Example: 12, 16, 20 pages).

Can I make payments?

We do allow payments. The project will not be started until the full amount has been received. If this is an option you need, just let us know on your discovery call and we will work it out.