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What you need to know about Instagram Lite

You're not the only one that is tired of Instagram loading times. 

Instagram is a top-rated app, with more than 1 billion monthly active users, however, as it is a visual-centered platform, some people across the globe have trouble using the app as they don't have the same access to cellular data and internet connection required to load many of the app's features.

As Instagram wants its platform to be accessible to all, they created a solution: Instagram Lite. Read on to discover what it is, the features it offers, and how it may affect global social media marketing.  

What is Instagram Lite?

Instagram Lite is an Android app (sorry Iphone users) that is significantly smaller in size (2MB vs. 30-80MB+) than the original Instagram app, so users with differing cellular and internet connection can still benefit from what it has to offer without experiencing a lagging app or differing user experience.

Instagram Lite still contains many of the valued features within the original app:

  • Photo and video sharing
  • Stories, stickers, and gifs
  • Explore page and recommendation algorithms
  • Messaging/DMs (groups supported)
  • Reels and Reels tab
  • Dark mode

As it is a less-heavy load on devices, features that require significant data or connection have been left out, such as:

  • Animations when switching between Stories
  • Story filters and AR filters
  • Swipe-to-type controls
  • Going Live
  • Shopping and Product tabs

The app is able to save such significant space on devices by running off of code saved to the cloud rather than on the phone. What is most exciting about Instagram Lite is that it makes the platform more accessible. It requires less space on a phone as well as less data, making it easier to run. This is key in emerging markets.

Now you might be asking "why do I care - I have 5g" 

But does your clients and customers?  I know I live in the midwest...which means a lot of wide open God's Country.... also known as dead zones.  Being able to jump on and load quickly while I have little data connection would be amazing!

Where is Instagram Lite available?

Instagram Lite is currently available in 170 countries, with India being the largest country of access. Worldwide release is set to happen soon.

Most the articles I have read about Instagram lite are focused on global areas that don't have the data connection... but those people could be closer to you than you think.  

If you ask me...sounds like Instagram might be getting back to basics. Will you be downloading the new Instagram Lite app? 

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